MPG Multi-Purpose Grenades

The MPG N-110-CS Grenades are designed for either indoor or outdoor use in a variety of applications, and are free from the effects of fire, concussion, or fragmentation. The grenade can be thrown, launched, or air-dropped. A variable delay mechanism, either two (2) or five (5) seconds, allows the user to effectively discharge the payload when needed in different applications.
An ideal device when versatility is of the essence. Upon ignition, a small charge drives a piston which forces the micropulverized dust payload through a machined discharge port in thethe the base of the grenade. After the preset time delay elapses, discharge is instantaneous and complete, eliminating throw-back. The MPG N-110T Inert Dust Grenade can be used for training, demonstration, and even tactical applications.


N-200C Launching Cartidge
M-1395 Launching cup
A 12 gauge rifled launching cup and launching cartridge are available for use with the MPG grenade launching system. The rifling spin stabilizes the grenade when launched with a 12 gauge shot gun, improving targeting accuracy.

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