Rubber Pellet Grenades

RP-32 RP-32-OC
RP-32-CS RP-32-CN
The RP-32 Rubber Pellet Grenade is very effective impact munition for use in crowd control and many tactical situations. Once thrown or launched the M201A1 fuse discharges after 1.5 seconds and causes the fuse assembly to separate from the grenade body. There is then an additional 1 second delay until the flash powder charge in the grenade detonates. On detonation the rubber body of the grenade ruptures and the 110 rubber pellets are propelled in a circular pattern out to a range of around 50 feet. In addition to the effect this grenade has as an impact munition, there is also a flash bang effect on detonation. Also available with irritant powder included in with the rubber pellets

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