Electrically Fired Munitions

Tear Guard Systems
The Tear Guard is a fixed mount version of the MPG multipurpose Grenade and discharges an irritant powder charge when electrically activated. This system is in wide use in prisions and for fixed site security. Flush mount and surface mount boxes are avalable to allow mounting the canisters where needed as part of an overall facility security system.

Electrically Fired Cartridges
Electrically fired versions of most of our impact, muzzle blast and smoke 37mm cartridges are available. These can be mounted for use in vehicle or perimeter security.

Electrically Fired Grenade Adaptor
The MP-EFUZE can be used to replace the M201A1 fuze on any of our grenades for the grenade to be remotely electrically fired. This product can be useful in certain tactical situation and in training scenarios.

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