Other Aerosol Products


All of our defensive sprays are available in inert training versions to allow proper training of officers in their use in personal defense, and riot and crowd control situations. Our training units feature the same safety and firing features as our “live” models. The units fire the same number of bursts and have the same range and stream characteristics to provide an exact duplicate of the operation of the “live” models.



Our decontamination formula is a natural herbal blend designed to quickly provide relief for the burning and irritation caused by exposure to OC, CS and CN sprays and gases. The formula is available in several packages. The 4 oz. spray discharges a fine spray mist that greatly reduces the discomfort caused by irritant agents. The 17 oz. fogger provides an effective means of mass decontamination. The formula is also available in 1 gallon bulk packs.

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